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So many wholesome ingredients. So many treats to love. From incredible, mini-sized treats to break-and-share bites of tender or crunchy deliciousness, Beneful has what you need to make good moments even better. 

Beneful Break-n-bites

Crunchy and meaty treats with a shareable, break-apart form. It’s never been easier to break out the goodness.


Deliciously tiny treats with a whole lot of goodness in every little bite.

Beneful Healthy Smile
Healthy Smile

Accented with real parsley, these tasty dental treats are sure to bring smiles all around.

Baked Delights®
Baked Delights®

These deliciously loveable baked treats are proof that wholesome can be awesome.

Beneful Snackers
  • 5/5
Feel Good Snack

“So happy with this treat! It makes me feel good to give my three dogs a treat they love and I feel like I’m giving them something good for them!”